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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
Little Nell: I remember when that 1976 team won 10 games in a row.That team was much worse than the 2013 White Sox team. If that 1976 team won 10 games in a row, anything is possible. Looking back at that 2nd Bill Veeck era (1976-1980) 4 of his teams were worse than the 2013 White Sox. The only good team he had was the 1977 White Sox. There weren't too many tears shed when Veeck sold the team after the 1980 season. His teams were so bad here that I couldn't believe it a few years later when Veeck was voted into the MLB Hall Of Fame.
That was the point of my post that any team can run off 10 in a row and what I was saying is what if they did run off 10 in a row, would it say to front office that we don't need to blow it up. I say some changes are needed but not a complete blow up. I don't want to touch the pitching staff. I say get whatever we can for guys like Alexei, Viciedo, Flowers and DeAza. Dunn is another story, who would want him, we might have to eat the last year of his contract. Next go into the free agent market starting with a replacement for PK as I think he retires at the end of the season. Next we have to pick up some free agents for other spots and hope our scouts do the job on who would help us and doesn't turn out to be another Dunn.
As far as Veeck goes, I was never a fan of his in 2 stints as a White Sox owner, he traded away some great talent for aging vets after the 59 World Series. I will always be grateful to him for saving the Sox from moving in late 1975 to Seattle but he came in with just enough money to buy the team and 2 years later free agency did him in. Let me add that the first 4 months of 1977 was the most fun time ever for me in my 60+ years of following the team.
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