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Originally Posted by kufram View Post
I'd bet that the rest of baseball knows that Dunn's track record still has a relevance. A guy doesn't hit consistent home runs like he has for as long as he has and then just forget how to so suddenly. He is the type of hitter I don't actually like very much but he will hit again I'd bet.... somewhere.

As far as the team goes, I've been waiting for game like last night for a while now. We are not a good hitting team. We only need to be an average hitting team if the pitching holds up. I think it is possible for us to become an average hitting team. Score 3 or 4, hold the other team to less.
It's going on three years of some of the worst futility in the history of baseball. I'm not overly excited about the first two months of last year. This is not just a little slump. This is unprecedented. I also think it's dragging the rest of the team down. I hope he rebounds enough so you can throw this back at me some day.
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