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Originally Posted by skobabe8 View Post
I don't need the ushers approaching me and explaining to me how the rows are numbered from higher to lower as you get closer to the field. I can figure that out.

What I saw at Miller Park last weekend that I would like to see at USCF is an extremely friendly workforce at the concession stands that seemed to actually care and wanted to get my order to me in a timely fashion. That aspect of my experience was refreshing and something I wasn't used to.
I couldn't agree with both points more.

I think the Sox need to relook at their outsourcing of their concessions. Even when its not crowded it takes too damn long to get food. Too many people standing around and never a sense of urgency. I ordered a turkey sandwich at the carvery station down the right field line and had to wait ten minutes once they took my order. They must have had to kill the turkey first. Sure seemed to be enough bodies back there - just not enough organization or a sense of urgency. I have been to at least 15 other MLB parks and our service times are the slowest and least efficient. Even on a normal game day (20,000 fans) you should not have to lose a full inning to get food.
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