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Originally Posted by btrain929 View Post
My understanding is there are 3 parts to the Rule 5 draft:

Part 1: The Major League Portion: This is where teams can pick someone off another team that isn't on the 40 man. But if a team drafts this player, he MUST be on the 25 man roster for the drafting team for the entire season. If not, he usually goes back to the former team. So Rodriguez has to stay on TB major league roster all year, or we get him back.
Part 2 & 3: The minor league portion: This is where teams can pick someone off another team's minor league squad (AA, A, etc) from the lower levels, and would be usually bumped up to the next level with their new team (if taken from an A ball team, they'll probably be on the AA team here). So the other 3 guys we lost, they will play for the next level of their new team.
For every player that a team chooses in this round, it costs $50K. If the player taken does not stick on the 25 man roster one of two things usually happen. 1st he is offered back to his original team for $25k. If that happenes, the team that took him in the rule 5 draft gets back $25K. The other most common option is that a trade is worked between the two teams that allow the new team to retain the player's rights w/o being on the 25 man roster.
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