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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Well, you know, I don't think playing Wise everyday in LF and calling up Little Danks to be the 4th outfield is going to magically find the Sox another handful of wins they wouldn't have gotten with Viciedo in LF. if you go on last year's WAR, the Sox would have finished what? 86-76 instead of 85-77. Hardly seems worthy of casting away a 24-year-old whom you've invested $13 million in his development
This is exactly the point I was making earlier. Viciedo may not be what all of us are hoping for, but finding a suitable replacement isn't as easy as some appear to believe.

Wise has been in professional baseball in some capacity since 1997, and he has never proven that he can play every day: on the contrary, he's bounced from roster to roster, having had tours with the Reds, Blue Jays (twice), Yankees, Marlins, and White Sox (twice). That he's been given so many chances suggests that he has at least some baseball ability, but one would think that he'd have landed a better gig than utility outfielder by now. Why hasn't he? Perhaps because he's not capable of handling that much responsibility. That's not to say that Viciedo is, but one has nothing to do with the other, beyond the fact that they're currently occupying the same Major League roster.
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