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Originally Posted by amsteel View Post
Because of how good he can be, and the amount of money the Sox have tied up in him, I would have no problem with Danks 'Derrick Rose'-ing it and sitting out an extended period of time to make sure that he is 100% when he come back. Not 75%, not 90%, not 99.9%. 100%.
If there is one thing the Sox do well, it is protect their players from injury better than most teams. They've racked up, by far, the smallest amount of time lost to injury of any team over the last several years. They seem to have an A+ medical staff, so whatever decisions they reach with Danks will be good with me. It's why I wasn't concerned with his schedule that tried to get him back in time for Opening Day. It's why I'm not concerned now. There's a lot of business practices of this team that can be questioned; scouting, player development, draft strategy, public relations, etc., but their medical team is second to none.

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