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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post

Stone is the better true analyst- but Paciorekl and his self effacing sense fo humor and the chemistry with Hawk- making Hawk better- it my strong preference.

Their schtick about Wimpy being cheap has been going on for decades- still cracks me up. When Hawk & Wimpy are paired up- I like having the game on in the background just listening to the two of the them regardless of the score- when it's Hawk/Stone- I'm recording and fast forwarding through chunks of the game-

Hawk & Wimpy make ths Sox more fun and more likeable- and more like a family.

Hawk & Stone- not so much.
Hawk makes the same joke about Stone.

I get nostalgic about Hawk/Wimpy too, and it's nice to hear for a series or two, but if I had to hear them commentate every game...I'd probably go insane
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