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Originally Posted by Chez View Post
Wimpy is a nice change of pace from Stone. He's great in small doses and, as others have posted, seems to energize Hawk. It's like runnng into an old friend whom you haven't seen for a while. But Stone is a far superior analyst. Say what you will about Stone's delivery and attitude, but not many analysts are more prepared than or deliver the same depth of insight as Stone.

But it is fun to hear Hawk and Wimpy back together!

It is like a boys weekend in nostalgiaville for these two. With Stoney in the booth he acts as a bit of governor on the full-bore old timey stories from Hawk. With is simply full-bore.

Now, I will say it was fun. I know Hawk has probably told the ''riding the mule in Yankee stadium'' story dozens of times, but for some reason,it struck me as new last nite,and was truly funny hearing about how Roger Maris threw a fungo at the mules arse,causing him to almost buck Hawk off and resulting in Hawk ending up under the belly,nose to mouth with the thats entertainment!
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