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Time doesn't wait for anyone. Everybody gets old. The only person who never gets old is my wife, The Goddess. Other than her, we all age. I've always liked Hawk as an announcer for the White Sox. I have even met him a few times and he really seems like a nice guy. I can't help but notice that he is starting to slip as an announcer. Last night he talked about Albert Belle and his first year with the White Sox. Hawk said Belle got off to a slow start his first year with the White Sox and had one of the greatest 2nd halfs in White Sox history. Hawk was wrong, that was Belles 2nd year with the White Sox. Belle didn't do well his first year and a half with the White Sox. He had a great 2nd half of his second and ironically last year with the White Sox. I hope if he is starting to lose it,he doesn't hang around too long like Harry Caray did. I thought it was awful when Caray kept calling Andre Dawson, Andre Rogers.
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