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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Yeah, but it's still confusing. Someone rail thin can't significantly strengthen the muscles around ligaments like the original poster is implying unless you add a significant amount of weight (which is what RJ did). Think about it. Being tiny but as cut as possible isn't going to do you much good with that violent a motion, the muscles can only get so strong without mass.
Hi. Muscles attach to tendons. Ask Roger Clemons what happens when you make the muscles stronger faster than the tendons (as with PEDS). Remeber 2005? He blew out leg tendon for this reason.

Ligaments attach one bone to the other at joints. They take hella strain too.

Best plan would be for Sale to use liberal Ben-Gay or Oil O'Wintergreen and get the juices pumping before each start. And work on the off-speedo junk, like forkball, knuckle-curve, sloshball to gain command of low speed low stress ways to get hitters out. When you try to throw 97mph all the time, it gets to be more like 91.
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