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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
Because of the sun, I thought all ballparks have to be oriented either NE or SE, although looking at google maps AT&T Park appears to be oriented due east. Old Comiskey was of course NE and USCF is SE. To face the San Francisco skyline, wouldn't AT&T Park have to face NW? I suppose it could have faced NE and the view would have been just a different part of the bay and the East Bay, as well as maybe the Bay Bridge, too.
As I understand it, AT&T was re-oriented from what was originally intended to make best use of the site for baseball. The architects, I have been told, had to come up with a plan B, maybe a plan C. Maybe they traded "splash home runs" for skyline or bridge views. I don't know when in the design they left out bullpens. I wasn't living in California at the time. I think what the ballpark proves, though, it that the view of what is outside the park is irrelevant if you have a great park.
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