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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
That could have been a consideration. I have heard the ballpark doesn't face the skyline because home plate, which determines the address, was to be kept at 35th and Shields. The White Sox attract so much negative attention from the media and even fans who dislike the ownership that prejudices may go farther in determining which reason you believe.

Still, the unobstructed skyline I've seen from a ramp looking north isn't really a big deal. The Cell is too far south to get the dramatic skyline people insist it should have. It certainly wouldn't be the big deal that would make people rave about what an awesome place it is to watch a game.

AT&T was supposed to be built facing the as iconic and more in-your-face San Francisco skyline, although the park sits near the Bay Bridge, nowhere near the Golden Gate Bridge. Giants ownership raised money to build the park selling bonds with the skyline as a selling point. As I understand it, the ballpark was situated to play out toward the Bay because the wind currents made the location unplayable facing the city. That has worked out, with splash home runs and such. But perhaps it says something for views of what lies beyond the outfield fences when you consider that a park near the top of most best lists doesn't have a view of the iconic skyline outside, but rather, if you look closely on a clear day from the steep upper level seats, what many would consider baseball's worst ballpark.
Because of the sun, I thought all ballparks have to be oriented either NE or SE, although looking at google maps AT&T Park appears to be oriented due east. Old Comiskey was of course NE and USCF is SE. To face the San Francisco skyline, wouldn't AT&T Park have to face NW? I suppose it could have faced NE and the view would have been just a different part of the bay and the East Bay, as well as maybe the Bay Bridge, too.

As for USCF, I have heard that address line before, and I don't understand why that would be the case. I also remember reading (most likely here) that the team wanted the main entrance on 35th. But quite a few of the newer parks have a grand entrance as a CF plaza (Nats Park and Turner Field come to mind) as opposed to the more traditional homeplate entrance.
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