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Originally Posted by Jose.Contreras View Post
Absolutely, they did. Bulls won it in Chicago in '92, '96, '97. This should be common knowledge. The poster who claimed that the Chicago Bulls never won an NBA title at home because, as he said, "every clincher to the Finals was on the road as they were almost always the better seed", should know better. Also, the rationale that being the higher seed means the odds are lower that you'd clinch at home vs. clinching on the road is, shall we say, "misguided". The higher seeds clinches the title on their home court exactly 50 percent of the time, and this goes for all four professional team sports leagues played within this country.
I do know better, but you completely misunderstood what I said and to what I was responding. The OP said that he couldn't think of the last time a Chicago sports team had an easy win at home to go on to the Championship round.

I said almost every clincher to the finals for the Bulls was on the road. In 1991 the Bulls were the higher seed and swept the Detroit Pistons. Famously the two-time defending champions walked off the court before the game ended...on their home court in Auburn Hills. In 1992 the 67-win Bulls were the higher seed and faced Cleveland; their clincher was in Game 6 in Cleveland (not sure why, guess the round wasn't 2-3-2). In 1993 the Bulls were the lower seed against the Knicks in a great series, and won in 6; the clincher was at Chicago Stadium, but it was a close game. In 1996, the 72-win Bulls swept the Magic, the Game 4 clinching game took place in Orlando. In 1997, the 69-win Bulls topped the Miami Heat in Game 5 at the United Center, winning by 13; I guess this could meet the OP's criteria. In 1998, the Bulls were in a real battle against the Indiana Pacers, the only time they were forced to 7 games in a conference finals (in the Jordan era, anyway); that said, while the game was at the UC it was a low-scoring battle won by just 5 points.

The Blackhawks did clinch the West at home against San Jose in 2010, but their lead in the 3rd period was just 3-2 until an empty netter in the last minute. And the Hawks sweep of Edmonton in 1992 before they faced Super Mario & the Pens was clinched in Canada.

The Bears in 2006 (2007 playoffs) probably fit the OP's criteria, as the NFC title game turned into a blowout in the 4th quarter against the Saints.

And, of course, the White Sox won the AL title in Anaheim in 2005.

So, again, I do know better, but the post to which I was responding, which should have been perfectly clear, had the OP wondering what was the last Chicago team to have a blowout win to clinch their conference title, at least going back to the flurries falling during the Bears shutout victory of the Rams in 1986.
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