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Originally Posted by central44 View Post

I can't speak for anyone else, but all i'm going to remember about 2012 is how they choked. In my mind, considering the opportunity they had, 2012 was a failure. The summer was a lot of fun, but the way it ended will be my lasting impression.

I guess furious isn't the right word, but if this doesn't light a fire in them heading into next season, something is wrong.
Sure. I just wonder if this team has the resources to improve the lineup very much going into '14.

If Danks is healthy, the pitching staff will be fine. Floyd's uneven performance is forgivable as a #4 or #5. You know it's coming.

It's the lineup that is a problem. Some good defenders, but not a lot of walks, speed, or hits. There's not a lot ready in the farm either.

Budget is I believe in the $70 millions without arbitration raises and declining attendance.

We'll see what they can do to gain ten more wins.

We'll see what they can do.