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Originally Posted by mahagga73 View Post
that won 1 stinkin world Series . They sucked, except for Smoltz, when it counted. Even ESPN made a show with a litany of excuses for the Braves. Blamed the relievers for it .They had Jeff Reardon, who was a pretty good pitcher , and ESPN blamed him. Wohlers was pretty good also. You got 3 starters like that and win 1 series, that's a damn shame.
So do you want to discredit Griffey, Bonds, Ted Williams, Ichiro, Mattingly, Fisk, Gwynn and any other number of hall of famers who never won any? It's remarkably hard to win just one title, let alone several. To lay the blame at the feet of an individual for a lack of team success (which the Braves didn't even have) is flawed. He won the series once, pitched in the series five times, and pitched in the NLCS nine times, with fantastic postseason numbers. There's only so much you can lay at a guy's feet before you're just reaching.
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