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Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
Unfortunately I have but the new Sox ownership had no way of knowing what would happen to that area at the time they bought the club.
Wrigleyville didn't become the party-area it is today until like the late 1990s I feel like. Like if you see an old Cubs game on YouTube, there are still plenty of empty seats in the ballpark and the people on the rooftops were people who lived in those buildings.

One thing I do wonder is if the White Sox ownership had marketed old Comiskey the way the Cubs marketed "historic Wrigley Field) and used the money that went to building New Comiskey into rehabbing Old Comiskey (like the Yankees did with Yankee Stadium in the '70s), how much of a difference (if any) would that have made?

As someone else pointed out, the Sox ownership certainly missed some opportunities but the fact the Cubs were bought by the Tribune Co. who marketed them extensively across the country on WGN was what REALLY helped the Cubs. Even if Harry had stayed with the Sox and even if the Sox had marketed and renovated Old Comiskey, I still think they'd be the "second team" in Chicago, but maybe they wouldn't be quite as far behind? But I dunno.

Go Sox!!!
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