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Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
When veeck bought the team in 1975 he didnt have 2 nickles to rub together. His goal was to keep the team above water so he could sell them. No way he could compete with the cubs. But when the new ownership came in they had resources and could and should have put a death grip on the cubs and chicago but didnt. That was mainly due to bad decisions early in their ownership.
There were a lot of factors that have held the Sox down in terms of Chicago popularity and ignoring the fact a lot of the Sox long term fans had move to the suburbs and that the area around Comiskey was viewed as unsafe by a lot of people plus the lack of things to do around the park before and after the game all played factors.

Purely blaming ownership for these inherent issues seems like a stretch.

Yes the team could have fought harder to maintain market share in the early days but they have proven to draw well when they have a winner and the simple fact is for 2+ decades they fought the fact the Cubs were owned by the biggest most popular newspaper in Chicago which acted as de facto marketing arm for them.

It seems unlikely given the history of Chicago and the ownership of the Cubs over that stretch the Sox ever could have created a "death grip" on the Chicago market. I get it, we've had problems with our management but a lot of this stuff is outside their control also.

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