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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
IMO, This is where we have to give Rick Hahn a little leeway.

He's still cleaning up after Kenny's mess. Once we clear some contracts and he has some room to make moves, then we can judge if he'll be more of the same, or be the young forward-thinking GM he was hired to be.
Agreed. However, Hahn was part of KW's team that gave us this mess. So, it's not like he's totally inheriting someone else's mess. But, even so, I agree - we need to give Hahn some time to see if he can turn this team around.

Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
The problem with the theory that Kenny made awesome moves in 2004 to set up a title run in 2005 is that it ignores every year following 2005, which most were a colossal bust.

In 1.5 seasons, we will be wearing a 10 year anniversary patches and remembering the world series team. Some fans are cool with it, can still pop in the DVDs and feel content. Some of us kind of live season by season, and 2005 seems like a distant memory.

Either way, 2005 is long gone. The Sox are one of the 5 worst teams in baseball, as are the Astros. All the Sox have proven since 2005 is that 1 time they could build a winner. Kenny talked about sustained growth, and a new level of expectations, and built teams that could not cash the checks his mouth wrote. Ozzie stopped caring about baseball and started caring about Ozzie, players regressed, prospects busted, and we are left with an 8 year hangover.

While Jerry will be eternally loyal, making this all moot, there is little denying that its time for the Sox brass to prove they have a clue, because we are in baseball hell. One of the least talented rosters in the game, and one of the least talented, thinnest farms as well.
I think one big difference between the 2005 era teams that KW put together and Sox teams of the last 5 years or so is that Kenny was still working with a solid nucleus of home grown talent in the mid 2000s most of whom the Sox acquired before KW assumed GM duties in 2001. IMO, the road to ruin for the Sox over the last 5 or 6 years is that they essentially stopped drafting/developing MLB quality players starting around 2002 and by 2007 or so, the well was running dry. You simply can't build a consistent playoff contender when all you have are go-for-broke and crapshoot moves.

Of course, it's been pointed out many times, that KW was in charge of minor league development for the Sox prior to becoming GM. So, he does get credit for assembling that talent.
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