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"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." That line is going through my head right now.

The Sox won 85 games, they proved the "experts" wrong. They didn't lost 95 games, they didn't lost 90 games and that needs to be mentioned and commented on.

They had some spectacular individual efforts...Sale (if he stays healthy) emerged as a potential dominant pitcher, Peavy gave them over 200 innings, A.J. had a career year, Rios should be Comeback Player of the Year...even Dunn with his home run's and walks did well in some areas. The three rookie pitchers combined for double figure wins and over 30 saves.

Yet even with all these things going for them, playing in the weakest division in the league, the Sox finished 8th out of the eight clubs that had winning records for the year and gift wrapped the division because of the way they played the final two weeks.

That's hard to take.

We'll see what the off season's going to be interesting both on and off the field.

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