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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
Sorry- 7 months of baseball is very healthy sample size- far from cherry picking.

Over the course of June/July- this team played to a .302 winning percentage (49 win pace over a full season)- that was before they started trading anyone.

Ventura got off to a promising start- but the last 7 months have proven (to me) that he (along with the talent level on the roster) is part of the problem not part of the solution.

One example of a manager who took over mediocre team and got them to play good fundamental/.500 baseball was LaRussa for the horrible 1979 White Sox team he inherited from Kessinger.

I just don't like Ventura's approach (if he has one)- at the Wednesday game- he had Danks and Ramirez both reach base late in the game as the tying runs- but never sent them- why? why not be a little aggressive?

In Balt a few weeks ago- he pinch hits Dunn for Viciedo- late in a game where Viciedo had a few hits, etc.- what was the purpose? Don't you want to develop Dayan as part of the future?
You bring up LaRussa's .500 record his first 2 months managing. Ventura's first 2 months were better. Tony's team lost 90 games the next season. He obviously should have then been fired, correct?
Seriously, there is no one on the planet that could get this roster to play .500 right now. Whether you love or hate Ventura's personality or managerial style, he is not the problem.
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