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I got a bit of a laugh out of Bernstein's article. It's really ludicrous to be honest.

Financial elasticity is becoming a new market inequity in MLB, allowing creative teams more options for accelerated improvement as they take advantage of opponents laden with large, unproductive contracts.
Does he even know what he's saying here? Or is he just did he just flip through an econ textbook and pick a couple phrases to use?

And did he really mention TARP in the context of a baseball article?

Why would a team be willing to take on bad contracts just for the sake of getting prospects? How about just building your scouting system and player development and having solid drafts? Or you could just trade your own pieces you deem expendable to add prospects to your system.

And more importantly, why would other teams dump prospects just to get rid of a high priced player? Seems counter intuitive considering they'd be getting rid of veteran players AND their potential replacements simply for a bit of salary relief. Really makes no sense.

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