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I agree that we are sorely lacking a franchise face, Konerko is a great player, but he is a fall in line type of person (here's hoping Courtney Hawkins becomes that guy ), but a lot of things have to change offensively in order for them to turn into a legit contender for a while. There must be more balance in this lineup in order to have more consistency.
With the pitching staff, there are plenty of young guys, but we should no longer rely on other team's castoffs/baggage. We might be okay with pitching as long as there are no catastrophic injuries.
As for the coaches, Robin and Manto will have to take some heat for the way things went this month. Robin will have to learn that the team will take on his personality, if he panics and overcorrects like he did in September, the results will follow.
So to answer the initial question, this is not a patch a few holes situation, this is a redo parts of the foundation.
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