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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post

I think the Sox are set at four positions next year: 1B, 2B, SS and RF....

You face free-agency decisions on Youkilis and Pierzynski. At least one will leave, if not both...

Offensively, as a whole, you've got a low OBP team. You've got a slow team. They hit a lot of home runs, but they lack balance and struggle to score in other ways... I think the Sox need to sacrifice some power to get more speed and OBP in the lineup.
Excellent analysis and I agree totally with the points I quoted.

We need a high OBP 3B, but I'm not sure who is available via free agency who meets the criteria. I'd keep AJ at catcher. He's had a great year and I think he handles young pitchers very well.

I'd let Peavy and Floyd go, and take my chances that Cooper can develop some of our younger guys and any new pitchers brought in as free agents. He's had some success doing this in the past.

That leaves De Aza and Viciedo. Both had some hot streaks this year and might have some trade value. But both are relatively young and could develop further. I really am unsure about what to do with these two.
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