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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
I don't know...I like Kinsler and think he does a lot of things well, but I don't think he's the elite offensive player that Fielder is. Their lineup's still good with Cabrera, and perhaps more versatile now. But it's hard not to look at losing a bat like Fielder as a huge downgrade. Fielder's bat was elite, and the perfect compliment to Cabrera.

Milwaukee thought their lineup would be fine keeping Braun and losing Fielder, and it was disastrous for them.

I don't think we're competing with the Tigers any time soon, but I'm also not as afraid of them now.
It basically depends on how you view Prince's career arc from here on out. He'll turn 30 years old during this upcoming season, that's historically pushing it for big men. If you think he will be able to buck historical trends and remain an elite bat for years, then yes, I agree, it's maybe not a great move. If he breaks down and the Tigers sold high, strengthening easily their weakest position on the field while simultaneously protecting their best overall player, then it is a great move.

Also probably depends on lot on how they use the approximately $100 million they just saved themselves.

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