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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
I agree, this is a phenomenal deal for Detroit if for no reason other than it allows Miggy to move back to the less demanding defensive position and save his legs. He wore down toward the end of last year, too, and it really hurt them.
I don't know...I like Kinsler and think he does a lot of things well, but I don't think he's the elite offensive player that Fielder is. Their lineup's still good with Cabrera, and perhaps more versatile now. But it's hard not to look at losing a bat like Fielder as a huge downgrade. Fielder's bat was elite, and the perfect compliment to Cabrera.

Milwaukee thought their lineup would be fine keeping Braun and losing Fielder, and it was disastrous for them.

I don't think we're competing with the Tigers any time soon, but I'm also not as afraid of them now.
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