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Originally Posted by rowand33 View Post
So, with a career .890 OPS and 7 straight seasons of at least 38 HR, you forecasted that he'd have the first sub-.800 OPS year of his career based on the fact that he strikes out a lot (something he has always done)?

Give me a ****ing break.

Dunn is obviously doing terrible, but anybody that says they saw this season coming is full of it.
I saw it coming. Proof in the pudding.

From the thread the day we signed him:

I hate this signing. What a waste of time and money. This guy is going to set franchise record for strikeouts. This is going to set the sox back 5 years with $$$ and first round pick. Kenny, what the **** are you thinking? This guy can't carry a team out of last place. What a dumb dumb move. I hate this just a little less than I hated the Peavy trade. I know I am in the minority, but we just cinched playoff-less baseball for the next 5 years....Guy is a career ****ing 250 hitter. What the hell are we thinking????


Ok, how about 199 strikouts on a team where they could pitch around him? Or only 77 walks. Iwould rather have taken the money and gone after Paulie. Hate this trade. Hope I'm wrong. But I hate these moves...Losing the 1st rounder too?
I'm willing to admit we've gotten more from Peavy than I expected and he's been lights out when healthy, but I've disliked Dunn since day 1.