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Originally Posted by Irishsox1 View Post
I just watched it. Ian Kennedy should miss 2 starts. If your going to hit a batter, hitting 2 in the head is totally uncalled for.

As for during the brawl Mark McGuire should be suspended 2 games and fined $80,000. He's supposed to be a coach breaking up a fight, not an out of control steroid monster picking fights. Don Mattingly should be suspended 2 games and $50,000 for once again not being under control and going after people instead of breaking up the fights. I know he's seen 2 of his starters get hit in the head but leave the out of control anger to the players.
Maybe we can have him teach Flowers this trick so we can unload the guy, or at least get a little entertainment out of him. Clearly the steroids he took aren't having the same effect.
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