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Originally Posted by tick53 View Post
History has taught us that the Chairman isn't going to dump those who are loyal to him no matter how bad they are at their jobs so I believe with all sincerity that Mr Stone will be gone and Mr Harrelson will remain. As someone stated earlier, Hawk stifles Stoney and even when it comes to matters concerning pitching. Hawk seems to know more than his Cy Young Award winning counterpart. Hawk has turned Stone into nothing more than another boring analyst, a far cry from what he was with his days with the Cubs. Then he could almost perdict what was going to happen in the game before it happened. I was ecstatic when I heard that Stoney was coming to the South Side but it's typical that due to one know-it-all like Ken Harrelson, that we as fans could not benefit from the talents of Stone as the Cub fans did because noboby is allowed to be smarter than Hawk. I've been all for the retirement of Ken Harrelson for years now but I know that it will only happen when he's ready. If Stoney departs, all the club will do is give the job to someone else who's already in the organisation somewhere who hasn't got a clue like DJ and Farmer, who sucks too, by the way. They'll put some bore-ass like Mike Huff or a similar sort in with King Kenny unless maybe Wimpy can suck it in and put up with the Hillbilly Harrelson once again. After 50 years , I can honestly say that it becoming harder and harder to be a White Sox fan but I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.
That's pretty spot on. Hawk has to own every conversation and Stone does not seem to even bother to refute or chime in with his expertise anymore. You can almost tell Stone is done with the Hawk. as far as the being a White Sox fan , we are all gluttons for punishment and are hooked no matter what happens.