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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
See, this is again where we disagree. I am not saying our entire process is not bad. I am saying, if we are going to make the commitment to bring in better coaches, to bring in Buddy Bell to oversee the process. To change not only the structure, but the philosophy in how we bring players along(which may start with ideas such as not bouncing starting pitchers from league to league so they can get some real work done), then we are we not making the stance to fill it with the players who can be the best. No team is perfect, no draft is perfect. If every draft produces a handful of good prospects it ultimately is a success. However, we are not a poor team. We have the money to sign a guy for 7 mil. 7 mil, we pissed half that away on Darrin Erstad. The scouts job is to determine what players are worth that big money. But when a top 5 talent, a Porcello falls into your lap, and you let him go to your division rival because you are scared to spend money in the draft, its unacceptable. I am not saying we have to spend the most money in the league, but we should be in the top 15, we have the resources to do it.
Spending the money on talent before you fix the system gives you a repeat of Joe Borchard. Borchard did not fail for the White Sox, the White Sox failed on him.
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