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Originally Posted by Andrew C White View Post
Why will Jiminez play awful defense?

Why will Moncada only hit .255-.265?
Jimenez' defense is nothing to write home about. He's probably going to be an Avi-caliber corner OFer, that is, a BIG dude that doesn't have the speed to make up for mediocre defensive instincts (route running, for example). His arm's also looking below league average at this point. Of course, he's young and could improve significantly, but I'd rather take the realistic outlook over the rosy one. He'll be a monster at the plate, but average at best in the field.

Moncada just strikes out way too much and doesn't have the hit tool of a guy like Trout to make up for it. It's doubtful that he'll ever not be a strikeout machine. If he can settle at 25% I'd be thrilled. That said, if he continues drawing walks like he has been he can push that average up to the .280 range. 280/380/480 would be a great triple slash line from your leadoff or number two hitter, especially one with blazing speed.
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