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Originally Posted by PalehosePlanet View Post
I'm not saying SF is the rule, nor am I saying a WS can be won, just saying that a team can compete with that type of roster.

As far as the A's go, that's their WAR's this year. My point is, coming into this year, on paper: Did anyone expect a 30 year old career minor leaguer like Brandon Moss to hit 30HR and drive in 85 runs? A so-so minor league catcher turned 3rd baseman, Josh Donaldson, to suddenly become a 90+ RBI man? Coco Crisp at 33 to have his best season since 2006?

W/the exception of maybe Cespedes they were all average to below average offensive players coming into this year.
About adding veteran talent to young can work out really well (just as it did for us in 2005). BUT....that's the thing. You can't go out and sign 9 veterans, it will end badly. You need to have mostly young high end talent players (because not all pan out). We've got like one on offense.
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