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Originally Posted by PalehosePlanet View Post
Not really, look at Oakland's lineup as an example. A bunch of average to below average hitters, who play sound defense behind a good pitching staff.

Also, look at The 2010 world series champ Giants lineup -- same thing.

We need two good hitters and five average hitters to compete. Of course, that means that we would have to play damn good defense and run the bases properly.
This is emphatically false. Oakland's got four players with offensive WAR over 3.6, one of which is a whopping 6.6. In fact, every one of their everyday lineup has a positive WAR. So on top of being above average to significantly above average offensively (fourth most runs score in ALL of baseball), they also play really good defense.

As for San would be harder to get four Chris Sale's in your rotation than it is to build a complete team. San Fran shouldn't be seen as the rule.
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