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I'm with you, Little Nell.

One reason nothing has been said could very well be that they don't have a plan. Merely dumping players in a disastrous season is not a plan.

What's disconcerting about the organization is it doesn't seem to be honest with itself. The Sox suffered a big collapse in 2012. Losing Pierzynski and adding Keppinger was far from a formula for success in 2013. The current roster obviously has major problems. Looking at the everyday lineup of position players, there's not much there for the future. Perhaps Beckham. Maybe Gillaspie. An optimist might say Viciedo. That's it, and that's probably stretching it.

And then there's the issue of the sorry state of the minor-league system. When major changes were called for to fix this, some people responsible for the atrocious drafting and player development were actually promoted.

So, yes, what's the plan for fixing this mess? I believe part of that requires an honest look in the mirror, but that seems like a longshot.
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