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Originally Posted by SoxFanCPA View Post
I frequently pee in the sink and then washing my hands also serves as a "flush". Saves water IMO so I'm not going to rip on Cubs fans for doing that.
Is this real? Where exactly are you doing this?

Wrigley Field's troughs and overall bathroom experience is what made me become a Sox fan.

I was supposed to be a Cubs fan. Everyone in my family is, and my Dad and Uncle would frequently take me and my brother to Cubs games.

The first time I walked in to the Wrigley Field bathroom as a 6 year old, I was not prepared to see what I saw. I then took cover in a stall, only to have some drunk guy open the door on me and almost walk entirely in the stall.

I am positive this is one of the main reasons I declared myself a White Sox fan when I started playing organized baseball at age 7. To this day, I still try to avoid the Wrigley Field bathroom experience if I go to a game. It literally makes me feel like I have pee condensation on me.

And the not washing your hands thing is a problem everywhere. I do not get it. Even if you aren't afraid or germs, after using a public bathroom, people should realize they probably have something pretty gross on their hands. People are just dirty. Although if CPA up there is peeing in the sinks and thinking this is a way to "save water," sanitizer might be a cleaner option.
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