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Originally Posted by tm1119 View Post
This is a down year for him, as his lowest average in any other minor league season is .279(his 1st). Even so, .230/.330/.484 with 25 hr's is > than any line AJ has put up in a White Sox uniform. AJ cant get on base or hit for any kind of power, Flowers has good patience and has + power for a catcher. Plus flowers hit .122 in the month of May. Take that away and his average looks much better.

And as long as Flowers is capable of stopping the ball behind the plate he wont be far behind AJ's defense. AJ's defense is horribly overrated. He cant throw anybody out to save his life and we have a good, experienced pitching staff that doesnt need to rely on a catcher.

I personally feel fairly confident in letting AJ walk after this season and penciling Flowers into our starting lineup next year.
AJ is not a good defensive catcher, but Flowers will make you long for the days when AJ was providing his skills behind the plate, there is a lot more involved in the position than blocking balls and throwing out runners.
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