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Originally Posted by blurry View Post
Baseball America has updated their top 100 for 2020. The White Sox have 4 players:

2. Luis Robert
30. Andrew Vaughn
33. Michael Kopech
48. Nick Madrigal

3 of those 4 players may likely not be prospects in 2021. I'm guessing a few players at the lower levels make the jump for next season.
Originally Posted by blurry View Post
BP has released their rankings. They have Robert a little lower and Madrigal much higher.

6. Luis Robert
13. Nick Madrigal
20. Michael Kopech
31. Andrew Vaughn
This is an excellent illustration of why numerical rankings are a waste of time. The ranking are not only 100% subjective, it is apples and oranges. How can you rank an AL-bound Pitcher in comparison to a position player? The Pitcher will not only have zero batting stats, but the other stats are completely unique to the position.

A much more accurate ranking system would a tier-based system where a player is in a highly ranked group, moderately high ranked group, moderate group, etc. This would take into account the player's skill set for his position and does not punish a lights-out Pitcher who is stuck behind a strong five-tool position candidate.

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