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Default Floyd Injury Update (could be bad...)

Gonzo reports Floyd is seeking a second opinion on his elbow. Could be much worse than a "strain." (I hear that word and I think of Brent Morel's strain that 'only' kept him out for months...)

The biggest fear according to what he is hearing, is that further diagnosis could reveal an ulnar collateral ligament tear that may require lengthy rest, or surgery that would end his year.

If that's the case Floyd is done probably for the year and certainly with the Sox since he's a free agent.

Over and above not wanting to see any guy get hurt, this is bad for the Sox because he was being looked at already by scouts from other teams, if the Sox somehow stay in it, he can't pitch for them...if they are out of it, they can't trade him for anything.

Just another bad break isn't it. No pun intended.

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