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Default My apologies Mr. Everett

Dear Mr. Everett:

Thank you for your solid offensive and defensive play since donning a White Sox uniform. Thank you for caring about winning and giving this fan a new favorite Sox player. You have robbed home runs in center field, you have thrown out runners and held many more with your strong throwing arm, you have keyed scoring drives and broke many spans of consecutive Sox hitters retired. You have earned my respect as a baseball player and your intensity makes us Sox fans proud.

I have not followed your career until you came to the South Side, but wherever you play in the future, I'll be sure to follow. You are a player worth building a franchise around. Mr. Everett, you play the game right, you care solely about winning, and you have given the Sox fans something to be proud of this season. God Bless you and good luck with the rest of your career.
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