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Originally Posted by tick53 View Post
The Sox coughed up the division to the Tigers and lost BUT they went out and signed Torii Hunter, another sox killer, who's back in our division but the White Sox signed journeyman, DeWayne Wise and mark my words, the Sox love this guy and he will see a lot of playing time let's see where that batting average is next year and see his other stats...
This -

Okay, we couldn't sign Hunter. Then find edges where you can get them - on the bench, in the pen. Build some real depth on this team, so we don't cave like last year. You can do that for a reasonable sum. The Sox didn't even try. And at this point I think the Sox actually think he's good.
He saw a lot of playing time last year; he led off many games. In fact, he played CF in late innings because De Aza doesn't like playing CF (even though De Aza is a much better CF). When he started - he led off. And to be fair, your fourth OF SHOULD play. And that's why he shouldn't be our fourth OF.
We'll see how the other positions shake out.
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