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Originally Posted by ChiTownTrojan View Post
Exactly. What's the rush? The Sox aren't going anywhere this year, and it's not because of Yolmer Sanchez (who's been playing well lately) or Leury Garcia. Madrigal has been hot this month, but before that he wasn't doing much at A+. Players get hot and cold, it would be silly to promote him after a couple of good weeks.

Also, like it or not, service time is an issue. There's no point in burning a year of service time just because you want to push Yolmer out the door (or to a reserve role).
Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
There is zero reason to rush him and start a service clock.

Folks, we're *not* playing for 2019. I know people are frustrated, and they want to see the kids, but this is another year of lumps. The organization should make decisions that best protect its ability to control their assets for longer periods of time.
Also, is there potentially a 40-man roster issue to consider? Bringing up Madrigal (or Robert) now means adding them to the 40-man and there often seems to be a crunch in the offseason when additional players need 40-man protection.

I mean, if Madrigal and Robert are really ready and would develop best by coming up to the majors this year, then do it. But, as great as they've looked, I doubt that's the case. No need to rush them up here in a vain attempt to go for it in 2019 because Yolmer Sanchez is mediocre.
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