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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
Silly you is right. The Nationals minor leagues are ranked fairly low (21 by Keith Law) and you posted this:

Yeah, and look at the results... You're talking about a team that won 95 games last year and probably has the most enviable collection of under-25 talent assembled... maybe ever?

The most enviable collection of under 25 talent assembled...maybe ever?
The Nationals currently have 4 players on their roster under 25. The two no brainers I mentioned and the incomparable Steve Lombardozzi and Anthony Rendon.
Ah, bummer, you got me. Well, in my defense, Rendon is a legitimate blue chip prospect. If he were in our organization, he'd have all the hype Beckham did (Savior of the franchise). In Washington, he's maybe the 5th or 6th best young player on their team.

You also forgot Wilson Ramos, good young catcher as well.

And dang, I went with my gut and assumed guys like Gio and Zimmermann and Detweiler were still around the 25-year mark. I was off by two years. YA GOT ME! Can I amend my statements and say they have the best collection of under-30 talent assembled, easily in my lifetime (approximately 30 years?) Will that work?

Either way, if you'd like to point and laugh and say HA HA, this guy thought a guy whose really 26 was 25, then I think it still basically underscores my point that if Hawk and his ilk are going to whine about the approach the Nationals are taking; coming off a 95-win season and still have one of the youngest rosters in the Majors (average position player age is 27.9, 2nd youngest in NL, average pitcher age is 28, essentially tied for 3rd youngest in NL) because they're firing his buddies and actually producing results on the field, then it only further demonstrates that Hawk is nothing but a senile old coot who is only still employed in baseball in any capacity because he was lucky enough to find an owner who runs his team either like a charity and not a real business, or he's too cheap to actually get someone that knows what the hell they're doing.

Hawk sucks. I can't imagine why any Sox fan would want to subject themselves to more of his idiocy than the team already shoves down our throats.

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