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Default Re: Rongey

I disagree with most posters in this thread regarding Chris Rongey's performance.

I haven't posted in a long time.... but I've been following the Sox through thick and thin and am an avid reader of this website.

I've been a Sox fan for decades (born in 1951). When I was a youngster I clipped a primitive radio to one of my bed springs and listened to Sox broadcasts.

When in graduate school in Berkeley I attended a few games in Oakland; years later while living in DC saw some Sox games in Baltimore (including one in which Frank homered twice); and more recently, in KC.

I lived and worked overseas for long periods of time and didn't have access to much of anything Sox other than the clippings my mother sent to me for years at a time.

With the advent of cable, the internet and I can satiate my demand for all things Sox (and Bears and KU basketball).

But I digress. Rongey has an excellent voice, is articulate, rather patient, and effective in countering most critiques/complaints offered by Sox fans. Of course countering the post-game assertions of many Sox fans is not terribly taxing--many seem incapable of coherent thought, or at any rate, of articulating their thoughts. Evidently it's a sign of our times.

Members of this board excepted, of course.
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