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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
Not really. If you plan on a total rebuild, with the current state of the Sox system, you are looking at 5 years of meaningless games. The question is where will Sale be physically and performance wise when you are ready to compete again? It would be Silly having him on the roster if there was no chance to win. Every pitcher is a ticking time bomb. Especially him. I hope the Sox re-tool, and not re-build. The pitching is there to compete if the hang on to it, and they should be in decent shape to pick up a couple of hitters, but if tearing it down is what they decide to do, trading Sale is probably the most logical move they could make. Projecting any pitcher 5 or 6 years from now is difficult, Chris Sale especially.
What I hope is they can bring in some prospects to re-build the farm system by dealing away some of their older players, then sign some short-term talent in the offseason to hold them over until those younger players develop. The plus is pitching is the strength of this organization, and there is plenty of payroll flexibility going forward, as they have no bad long-term contracts. If we can plug in just some league-average players at a few positions, I think they contend in a couple years.
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