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Originally Posted by RockJock07 View Post
Yeah, I drive Sale to the airport for that trade. Even if they offered Profar and Olt i'd do it. I think Sale is awesome but in the back of mind I wonder if his arm is a house of cards ready to fall at any minute.
Pitching is the hardest to come by; and no way should the Sox trade away a #1 starter for prospects. Profar or Olt might turn out to be great or just as easy turn out to be average or less. For every Mike Trout there are hundreds of Brian Andersons. I would rather see them keep Sale and Peavy and go after a CF like Bourjos and move Ramirez and Viciedo who have a hard time keeping their heads in the game. True this team has a lot of holes but trading your 2 or 3 best pitchers makes no sense. (Sale, Peavy, and Reed ). Trading Crain,Thornton,Konerko, for prospects makes sense; and trying to move Dunn and Danks contracts are a good starting point.
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