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Originally Posted by guillensdisciple View Post
The sox wouldn't have done jack ****. Who do we have that pitches like Verlander? Sale is great but not even close to his quality. Peavy is worse than fister and then what? We made this on a complete stretch of that "new manager" run and collapsed because we weren't deep or good enough. The fact remains that the only consistent hitters we had were Rios and AJ, everyone else was fairly out of sync

You want to know why the Yankees are struggling? Because they have a home run or no run type of game, and just like the sox. Once the home run leaves, so does the rest of the offense. The tigers have two monsters at the 3 and 4, a decent pitching staff, and a fairly competitive 1-9.

The sox were nice, but they ended where they should have been, and the tigers were a much better team that their bull**** play showed.

I can't dream of grandeur with the sox, they were and have been mediocre for a while.
Well put. As we saw during out collapse, that in pressure pennant race/playoff baseball, the easy runs and many of the homers dry up, and you need to have other ways to score runs.

Plus we would have played the Yankees in the first round, facing Sabathia twice. Can you see us winning either of those two - or winning all of the other three games with our inconsistent hitting? Heck no.