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Originally Posted by doogiec View Post
FWIW on the upper deck issue, I had several conversations with my season ticket rep around the time the policy was changed to limit access to the lower deck. In general, I was complaining that during crowded games bathroom lines downstairs could be a couple of innings long, and the same with concession lines. There had been cases where I went to the upper deck to use the bathroom and buy food, which seemed ridiculous to me.

It had become a common practice to buy an upper deck ticket and watch the game from the concourse. The concourse facilities in the lower deck were not designed to handle that many people.

My season ticket rep told me that this was the number one season ticket holder complaint for the last couple of years, and they were going to address it. The policy was changed shortly after.

I have no problem with everyone having access to the lower deck. But the open design of the concourse encourages people to hang out and watch the game, which is somewhat unique to USCF. If they leave it open to everyone, they need to increase the facilities downstairs, or figure out a way to encourage people not to hang out and watch the entire game down there. People sneaking into the seats isn't the real problem. People paying more money to sit downstairs and not having access to what they paid for is.
I also remember when the park first opened in 1991 they had large metal gates separating the outfield concourse (bleacher area) from the rest of the park, and you couldn't pass if you didn't have a ticket to that area.
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