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That is ridiculous!!! It really makes the Trib look low class, especially combined with that "Sox tumbling toward 3rd" headline. Let's see what kind of headlines they run this weekend if the Sox kick the snot out of their precious Cubbies.

What enrages me even more is if theydo a similar poll for the Cubs, which thy might to "appear" unbiased, the options will be nowhere as negative. For example, the options might be

What annoys you most about the Cubs?
-lack of parking around "our" beautiful, historic Wrigley Field
-the injury bug of '04 (Prior, Sosa, Wood, etc.) keeping "us" out of 1st for the moment
-wrong and hurtful accusations of steroid use of "our" superstars
-being so cute and cuddly that "we" get so many bandwagon-jumpers when all we want to do is watch great baseball at the Shrine.
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