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Originally Posted by Huisj View Post
But they usually don't win them without some either.
Generally a team can't win a championship without luck, but that luck doesn't make them lucky to win a championship. The Red Sox on Wednesday night were lucky to score five runs in the first two innings when they could have scored none because the Cardinals played such uncharacteristically poor defense. That doesn't mean it was a lucky win.

The Yankees might have lost the 1941 World Series but for a strike-three passed ball in the ninth. Giants in 2012 went into an NL postseason in which Steven Strasburg wasn't pitching, and hypothetically, it is possible he could have beaten them. The Mariners in 2003 were lucky that the Cubs collapsed after a fan behaved badly when it looked like their season was over. In addition to the Pierzynski ACLS strikeout that led to an ACLS win, the White Sox were lucky a double-play ground ball went through the legs of a Red Sox player in Game 2 of the 2005 ALDS. The 1983 Orioles were lucky the White Sox screwed up on the bases in Game 4 of the ALCS. That doesn't mean any of those teams were lucky to win the World Series or won the World Series because of luck.

There are plenty of teams that get lucky breaks that don't capitalize on them to win championships. It doesn't mean the teams that do capitalize on lucky breaks are lucky to win. The Cardinals are not unlucky to have lost because their shortstop made errors and the team can't catch an infield fly at the pitcher's mound.

By the same token, the White Sox were very unlucky in 2013. It doesn't mean they would be in the World Series if luck had gone their way.
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