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Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
His fastball and cutter are both above average for a LH starter.
I think Blandman is getting Quintana confused with Axelrod. Jose regularly has been snapping that fastball at 91-93mph all season long. The cutter he features is also above average.

Also, since Quintana has been deemed a #5 on a good team, I would like to point out that injuries are the only reason that he has been bumped higher in the rotation order. On opening day, Quintana was our #5. Just for grins though, here is a look at how Quintana's numbers stack up against some #3s on some good MLB teams this year. You'll find that Quintana's numbers are comparable or better:

WHITE SOX: Jose Quintana- 3W-2L 3.83 E.R.A. 1.25 WHIP

RED SOX: Ryan Dempster- 4W-8L 4.23 E.R.A. 1.35 WHIP
RANGERS: Justin Grimm- 6W-5L 5.57 E.R.A. 1.54 WHIP
REDS: Homer Bailey- 4W-5L 3.75 E.R.A. 1.14 WHIP
BRAVES: Paul Maholm- 8W-6L 3.75 E.R.A. 1.27 WHIP
YANKEES: Phil Hughes- 3W-6L 5.09 E.R.A. 1.42 WHIP
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