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Originally Posted by Brewski View Post
I'm a little late to the thread, but if David Haugh saw filled seats yesterday, I'm going to have to question the accuracy of anything he reports on in the future. Down the lines, UD and LD, there were large blocks of empties. More empty seats throughout the stands than you would guess. It was a fairly nice day for a game too.
Thank you!

I don't care if the Cubbies draw well. If they get 40,000 for 81 home games, fine with me. Good for them. If the Cubbies move Rosemont, fine, that's not a subject I care about.

I really do wonder how Haugh could have honestly made that comment in his report about the game. I am surprised too that the number of no-shows was not in his story and not covered in other media outlets that I know of. Kudos to Al Yellon in his blog for commenting on the no-shows. I don't expect things to be fair but stating something that is clearly wrong, and being kind, misleading is interesting to me at least, especially in view of how often the Tribune clobbers the Sox for "announced attendance."

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